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A Concord Consortium Project

Welcome to TEEMSS2

What is sound? How does a light bulb work? Why do seasons change? How can you design a playground for an egg?

These are some of the questions students in grades 3-8 answer using sensors and models. The TEEMSS project engages students in inquiry-based activities in their science classrooms—and in the fields and parking lots around their schools, too.

Students use the power of technology to ask questions, investigate, measure, analyze, think, and communicate. In other words, they do real science!

Real science for grades 3-8


  • Ask meaningful questions about the world around us
  • Collect real-time data
  • Work in groups
  • Share their results

Works with your science curriculum

Science activities:

  • For grades 3-8
  • Aligned to NSES standards
  • Inquiry, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth Science, Technology and Engineering

Effective use of technology

TEEMSS software:

  • provides a unified student work environment
  • works on multiple platforms
  • works with multiple vendors

Teacher support materials

Support is provided by:

  • Printable versions of activities
  • A teacher discussion guide
  • Background material
  • A teacher reporting tool for managing student portfolios